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Ovsiankina wave desalination station

Волновая станция опреснения воды предназначена для опреснения морской воды благодаря возобновляемой, экологически чистой энергии морских волн и течений в открытом море.
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Научно-производственная фирма «КРОК-1» создана в 1990 году.
С момента создания и по сегодняшний день учредителем и директором фирмы является     В. Овсянкин.
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Свяжитесь с Нами Scientific and Production Company “Krok-1” 03150. Ukraine. Kiev. Str. Anry Barbusa 5A tel: +38 (044) 287-46-45 mob: +38 (067) 406-40-45 tel/fax: +38

Energy of sea waves

Ветер – аккумулированная энергия солнца. Морская волна – аккумулированная энергия ветра. Энергия морских в

Ovsiankina Wave Desalination Station

The cost price of one cubic meter of fresh water will be 0.2-0.3 €.

The wave desalination station is designed for desalination of sea water due to the renewable, environmentally clean energy of sea waves and currents in the open sea. The efficiency of the wave station is ensured by its main properties such as: presence of a flexible energy-absorbing element, which changes its shape from a flat longitudinal body to a spatial spiral under influence of each incident wave; the design of the station is permeable to waves and has the ability to dive to a depth in the zone of action of calculated parameters waves; main structural elements of the station are made of composite polymer materials; presence of several desalination sections with holders of reverse osmosis membranes, connected to work consistently. It depends on wave situation in the water area. The design of the wave station is protected by five patents of Ukraine, Russia. Today it is carried out patenting in other countries. The productivity of one module of the wave station for the oceans will be up to 1000 cubic meters per hour, for inland seas – up to 300 cubic meters per hour. The specific investment per unit of installed capacity (m3 / h) of the desalination wave station will be 15,000 – 20,000 €.


Scientifik and Production Company “Krok-1” Commits to the CEO Water Mandate

The CEO Water Mandate Secretariat welcomes Scientifik and Production Company “Krok-1” as its latest endorsing company! Via its endorsement of the Mandate in February 2020, Scientifik and Production Company “Krok-1” joins a diverse, global community of over 160 companies that have made a commitment to advancing water stewardship. Foun

Ovsiankin Wave Power Station

From 1 km of the wavefront - more than 200 million kWh and more than $ 80 million.

Specialists of the research and production company "Krok-1" (Kiev) under the leadership of VV Ovsyankin The design of a wave power plant that converts the energy of sea waves in the open sea has been developed, which has a number of fundamental differences from all existing water farms. First of all, Ovsyankin water farm is designed so that its working bodies (energy-absorbing elements) are part of the aquatic environment in which they are located. The relative movements of individual volumes of water arising during the passage of waves are perceived by the working bodies of the station by means of hydrodynamic pressure, which creates torque on the working shafts. This moment is converted and transmitted by the transmission to the generator shaft.


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    The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) is a Research Infrastructure (RI) labeled by the ICTS
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Ovsiankin Wave Station

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  • С 1 км волнового фронта – более 200 млн кВтч и более 80 млн $

  • Себестоимость одного кубометра пресной воды составит 0,2-0,3 евро.

  • Научно-производственная фирма «КРОК-1» создана в 1990 году!

    Надёжность НПФ «КРОК-1» Солидный Мировой Опыт
  • НПФ имеет лицензию на выполнение проектных и строительных работ.

    «КРОК-1» Патенты, Сертификаты, Дипломы, Лицензии

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Global Water Partnership
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