Scientifik and Production Company “Krok-1” Commits to the CEO Water Mandate

The CEO Water Mandate Secretariat welcomes Scientifik and Production Company “Krok-1” as its latest endorsing company! Via its endorsement of the Mandate in February 2020, Scientifik and Production Company “Krok-1” joins a diverse, global community of over 160 companies that have made a commitment to advancing water stewardship.

Founded in 1990, Scientifik and Production Company “Krok-1” is a research and production company that specializes in scientific research in advanced technology, developing new equipment and machinery, and engineering. Based out of Kiev, Ukraine, the company also performs maintenance services on manufacturing equipment for Ukraine’s nuclear power plants.

To learn more about endorsing the CEO Water Mandate, click here.

The CEO Water Mandate is a commitment platform for business leaders and learners to advance water stewardship. Endorsing companies commit to action across six key elements and report annually on progress. In doing so, they:

  1. cut costs
  2. build brand value and reputation
  3. identify and manage business risks
  4. advance water security for their business, ecosystems, and communities alike